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          Shanghai Lilan Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is an outstanding one-stop supplier, for machines, lines and holistic systems engineering. Company is located in Shanghai Baoshan Robotic Industry Park. It supplies intelligent MTU (manufacture to non-standard) production line combining automated packaging with robot application, and provides high-end equipment and turnkey projects for primary packaging, secondary packaging, palletizing and depolarizing and also logistics.  

          Filling, labeling, palletizing, packing, conveying, for food, water, beverage, bear, pharmaceutical as well as chemical industries- for this we have developed machinery, plants and systems which set exemplary standards. The main second packaging products are automatic carton wraparound machine, robotic carton packer, coordinate robotic palletizer, gantry palletizer, full automatic bottle palletizer and depalletizer, retort basket loader and unloader and robot palletizer system.

          The companys strong points are the high quality standards of the products, a propensity for research and innovation and a strong post-sales service, aimed at complete customer satisfaction. 

          Mission Statement
          To supply quality process and packaging solutions with excellent cost-benefit relationship including strong technical service before and after the installation in order to create solid and long lasting commercial relation with our customers. 

          Vision Statement 
          To place Sanity as the leader brand in the world that is recognized by its Quality, Cost-Benefit relation, Technical Service and Productivity in the world can continent during the next 5 years and generate resources that will allow to improve continuously developing own state of the art technology. 

          Quality Policy  
          -To offer more and better alternatives to customers in order to satisfy their needs and productive expectations. 
          -To innovate and improve our equipment and services by using leading technologies. 
          -To comply with the applicable regulations ruling each market. 
          -To measure systematically and improve continuously the customer satisfaction level. 
          -To work as a team, with leadership that stimulates participation and staff permanence within the company. 
          -To accomplish a sustained profitability that ensures the necessary resources to continue with the development and innovation.
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          corporate name:Shanghai Lilan Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
          Company address: Building 5, No. 1695, Fulian Rd, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China.
          Contact number:+86-021-56876570

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