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    Robotic carton packing machine

    This carton packing machine is fully automatic robotic carton packing machine, robot control the pneumatic gripping head of bottle to complete the horizontal movement and lifting movement to realize the carton packing actions.


    Its working principle: the conveyors accumulate bottles according to a certain arrangement, when the bottle arrangement is finished, the detection signal of finishing arrangement will be sent to the robot, robot move the pneumatic grasp to grip the bottles, and then put them into the cartons. The power supply of the grasp head is compressed air. The machine adopts PLC control, so as to ensure the good running of the machine and the automatic protection when accidents and faults happen.

    According to the height of the bottle, the height of griping bottles and placing bottles can be adjusted through the encoder, so as to meet the requirements of packing different heights of the bottle. And the packing speed can be adjusted according to the needs of production capacity.

    Technical parameters:

    Capacity                             20-35 cartons/min 

    Carton                               According to customer’s requirements

    Max load                            150Kg

    Bottle                                 According to customer’s requirements

    Installation power               13Kw

    Air pressure                        6bar

    Air consumption                 800L/min

    Power                                3 phases 380V  50HZ

    Weight                              2500KG                         


    Robot                                ABB

    PLC                                   Siemens

    Frequency transducer        Danfoss

    Photoelectric sensor           SICK

    Servo driver                       Panasonic

    Pneumatic                          SMC/Airtac

    Low voltage apparatus       Schneider

    Touch Screen                     Siemens

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