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    N95 mask making machine

    1. Equipment Introduction:

    This equipment is mainly used in the N95 folding ear-loop full-automatic production line. Rolling coil, automatic mechanical fixed-length feeding and cutting nose rib,positioning nose rib automatically;ultrasonic welding of multi-layer cloth; ultrasonic automatic drilling,matierials centralized discharge through hole;Automatic duplex displacement printing; the left and right ear band are all automatically cut to length and automatically ultrasonically welded; sponge stick feeding and pasting automatically; ultrasonic folding welding automatically; automatic discharge of leftover material; blanking masks flow out through the assembly line.The whole process is fully automated production with good stability and high production efficiency.


    2. Appearance of equipment



     2-1 Equipment size: L 9000MM*W 1500MM*H 1900MM(Subject to material object)


    2-2 Technological process:




    3. Equipment technical parameters:

    3-1 Applicable material specifications:cloth:number of hanging shafts: 6 pcs,width 260mm;coil outer diameter ? 600mm;inner diameter of barrel

           ? 76.2mm;weight: within 15kg.

    3-2 Nose rib:number of hanging shafts:1 pc,width: 3-5mm, coil outer diameter ? 400mm;inner diameter of barrel ? 76.2mm;weight:within 25kg.

    3-3 Ear bands:width 3-5mm.

    3-4 Production speed :50-55PPM/min;

    3-5 Production qualification rate:99%(expect insufficient feedin and improper operation of employees).

    3-6 Production failure rate:2%(Refers to the failure of the device itself).


    4. Power configuration and installation parameters:

    4-1 Power:AC380V,50 Hz,Max.power 15KW

    4-2 Compressed air:0.5~0.7Mpa,Max.consumption 20L/min,intake pipe adopts φ12

    4-3 Equipment weight:2000KG.( Subject to the actual object);

    4-4 Dimension:L 9000MM*W 1500MM*H 1900MM(Subject to the actual object);

    4-5 Bearing ratio:control the ratio of total weight to load-bearing


    4-6 1000m measurement from the outer wall of the machine,noise≤ 75 db;(Without

    ultrasonic sound)

    4-7 Utilization≥95%(only equipment failures, regular maintenance of equipment, pre-natal preparations are not included)

             4-8 Utilization:≥95%;


    5.Main equipment organization:

    5-1 Water filter cloth / filter sponge / 6-layer coil rack placed on the water-absorbing layer

    5-2 Nose rib rolling,driving,automatic cutting integrated mechanism

    5-3 Nose rib correction mechanism

    5-4 Ultrasonic welding mechanism of multilayer cloth

    5-5 Ultrasonic drilling mechanism

    5-6 Pull-rolling mechanism

    5-7 Trademark mechanism

    5-8 Integrated ear band mechanism

    5-9 Integrated device for feeding and labeling sponge

    5-10 Folding mechanism

    5-11 Ultrasonic folding welding mechanism

    5-12 Rolling and blanking material cutter mechanism

    5-13 Scraps collection organization

    5-14 Blanking assembly line mechanism

    5-15 Electric control system 

    5-16 Air control system;



    6. Quality assurance and after sales service:

    6-1 The normal warranty period of the equipment is 12 months.  During the period, the seller is responsible for free maintenance and repair of the equipment (except for wearing parts and damage caused by human factors).  If the quality of the equipment is abnormal, the seller\'s after-sales service personnel should make solutions and solutions within 30 minutes after receiving the buyer\'s call and notification

    6-2 After the warranty period expires, the seller provides lifelong service for the equipment, and only charges reasonable working hours and transportation costs, which involves the replacement and purchase of equipment-related accessories, and the seller only charges the cost of the accessories. 


    7. Buyers and sellers rights and obligations

    7-1 The buyer is responsible for installing the power and gas sources designed by Party B to the buyer\'s site nearest to the equipment, and requires each device to have an independent power air switch and gas source interface.

    7-2 The buyer shall provide the materials used in the commissioning of the equipment free of charge, and be responsible for arranging the cooperation of relevant operators, maintenance personnel and technical personnel.

    7-3 The air inlet and exhaust pipes, valves and exhaust fans other than the equipment shall be provided by the buyer.

    7-4 After the equipment is transported to the buyer, the buyer shall be responsible for receiving, transporting the machine in place, preparing relevant electricity, gas, vacuum, water and so on. The buyer shall unpack the equipment when the seller\'s personnel are required to confirm and guide on the site. The seller\'s personnel shall open the box by the buyer\'s personnel under the condition of on-site confirmation and guidance, and the seller shall be responsible for on-site installation and commissioning of the equipment to meet the requirements of this technical agreement.

    7-5 The seller shall bear the expenses related to the installation and commissioning at the buyer\'s site within the validity period of the equipment, and the buyer shall provide the expenses related to the equipment beyond the warranty period.

    7-6 The Seller shall be responsible for providing equipment operation instructions and on-site training materials.

    7-7 The seller shall be responsible for on-site training of the buyer\'s operators and maintenance personnel (at least for 7 days), including normal use, maintenance, fault analysis and troubleshooting, operation safety and emergency handling procedures of the equipment.

    7-8 This technical agreement is a confidential document, which can not be provided to a third party without the permission of both parties. Both parties shall bear the confidentiality responsibility of this technical agreement, and have the right to investigate the relevant commercial legal responsibility for the divulger according to law. Any technical information document provided by both parties shall have the confidentiality obligation.

    7-9 Both parties shall not disclose each other\'s equipment configuration, price, use, product, capacity and other information to a third party, otherwise it will be deemed that the other party violates the confidentiality terms.

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